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, it will likely necessitate us offering at least one additional declaration from a witness that we had not thought that we would need as part of the record. so i understand the mayor has made numerous objections to other issues that we have proposed because of the 352. it is a waste of time, and that is what we think about ms. flores' transcripts. >> any questions for mr. kopp about that? >> we don't see the unto consumption of time argument, because we submitted the transcripts and testimony within days of wendy witness declarations were submitted. we indicated that if we were submitting it in lieu of a declaration because it was already testimony that had been cross-examined on this issue, it is our position that it is too late now to say, oh, if you let it and we want to do some cross or have a rebuttal witness or this opens a whole new door. if that was going to be the approach, it should have happened when we were making those decisions about how to schedule this hearing. that is our position on time. in terms of relevance of the issues, there are a couple of things. one is we are hearing a l
was not in danger. she was not afraid of ross. >> in the first conversation, she relates to use the events of december 31, 2011. >> not all the events. everything i told you already. the commission as well as everyone. i did not have all the details. commissioner renne: it only had the details that she told you, right? at the conclusion of that call, you came to the conclusion that there was a domestic violence related incident. >> yes. commissioner renne: that occurred on december 31? >> yes. commissioner renne: looking again at that same exhibit 83, if you look at a time period of 3:31 p.m., do you see that? it is on page two. >> yes. commissioner renne: that indicates a conversation of approximately 14 minutes. as you sit here today, can you separate out what was discussed at that conversation as opposed to what you had discussed with eliana earlier? >> that conversation, i asked her what she needed support in generally speaking and also what she needed -- if she needed support from me. what did she need help)v[uj me, since i had given her referrals and she was not so interested althoug
made me feel even more scared because she also said, it she used the word all boys' network and they will cover for each other so you have to make evidence and you need something to protect yourself and fight in case you get in a custody dispute. so she told me that of course my concern was right and she used that word old boys' network. >> i move to strike everything after yes as not responsive. >> overruled. please, we need to keep it down in here. >> your husband has told you he is a powerful man more than once. >> i think that has been asked and answered. >> overruled. >> are you asking me if he said that more than once? no. actually, he never said that. that was my conclusion. he never said i am a powerful man. that was the conclusion of the 40 minute conversation. he said he is a part -- he is more powerful than me. that was my conclusion. he never said i am a powerful man like a sentence. >> did he ever say he is very powerful? you said in the video that he said he is very powerful. >> yes. >> you do not want your husband to take theo away from you? >> i do not want h
. i think this process is going to be faster for you and more efficient for us if you listen carefully for us and answer the he -- the question. i understand there are things you may want to see and like i said, the sheriff's council will have a chance to question you but you need to answer the questions and if you would help in that regard, i would appreciate it. >> i will be shorter. >> in fact, if i could have the court reporter read back the question. [the court reporter read back the question] >> did ms. peralta haynes say anything about what she said to call the police in that telephone call? >> no. >> now, ms. lopez, i'm going to ask you to look at another exhibit. it's an exhibit that's already been marked, i'll bring you a copy. it's a sect exhibit that's exilingtsed exhibit 8 0 and is a single message for you to look at. for the benefit of the commission and counsel, this is exhibit 8 0 and is a text message of january 4, 2012 at 1203 p.m. and also reflected on exhibit 8 3 if the commission wants to go to that. but i've got the copy of the actual text message from exhibit 8 0
husband go to therapy? >> i think he has an irrational fear to allows us each time i have to travel to venezuela to work. i think he -- how he grew up without his father and he really had, that hurts him and was having the same age like theo, his mom took him away. i think he always feel that i'm going to take theo away from him and that is the line he told me, you just want to take theo away from me. no. i'm not your mom. so you have to go to therapy to realize that i will never take theo away from you. >> did that irrational fear that you saw in your husband lead to negative consequences for your family? >> i think he's always scared and i think that is very sensitive for him to lose theo and when that day i just ignored that and give him my back, he reacted in a very negative way and that was:. i turned my back to him and ignored his fears when he was talking to me and i think is why he grabbed my arm and i think that is well, obviously, i'm here because and theo cannot see his father, is a disaster for our family. i cannot even touch my husband. is a disaster. >> i'd like to ask
the investigators everything. use your power. when you wrote "use your power" what power were you referring to? >> if you are a supervisor and you just become a sheriff, do something. >> ok. now, you had a -- you did send another text to your husband at 6:05 that evening. it's in evidence and in fact it's on the lower part of the page i just handed you. it says, don't write any other thing. answer linnette call, she has some advises. did ms. peralta haynes advise you not to write anything about what was going on? >> i think this is -- tell me which time again? >> this was a message that was sent at 6:05. >> i recall to -- because that was from my brother in venezuela. he said you should close -- say i told him what was happening and he told me close the facebook page, don't write anything. and don't talk anymore by phone because maybe they are listening. >> ok. so you sent this text message in response to getting that call -- to getting that advice from your brother? >> yes. and it -- >> did you actually speak with your brother on the phone? >> i don't remember if i did by phone or through sky
this plan was a recording device. -- the citizen said to us this pen was a recording device. >> i am talking to the council. if you could just give us a moment. can the shareiff look at the pen? let's proceed, counsel. thank you, ma'am. sorry for the inconvenience. >> if i may just point out, i do not know if the full commission is aware because the correspondents in not go to the full commission, but there was a community member who surreptitiously sofilmed my texting during a meeting, and it was attorney-client privilege. that is one reason we are upset. >> may i say something? >> we are done with this topic. i understand your concern, but let's focus on what we are here for. >> your declaration mentione- your testimony and your declaration said that you talked to ms. lopez on the morning or early on the day on the 14th. stç4q.aare you surprised to ses large number of phone calls on the fourth? >> you have any recollection of the content of any of the calls the on the first two region beyond the first two? >>jpk support. she called me and looked to me as support. i wanted to be there t
her to stop contacting people to look for help for you? >> oh, no. i said she was not using my name. she told me everything was confidential. >> now, you were aware -- as of january 2, you were aware that the situation with your husband was serious? >> objection, vague. chairperson hur: , ms. lopez, do you understand the question? >> can you repeat the question? chairperson hur: sustained. >> did you -- in the email that ivory madison sent to you, she said that your situation was serious. >> there's no question pending. chairperson hur: that's not a question. >> ms. lopez, did you understand that the email to include ivory madison advising you that your situation was serious? >> yes, she sent me this email on january 2, yes. so -- but that was not our conversation on january 1. >> i understand. >> ok. >> now, in this email, ivory madison advised you to call the police every time that -- that there was improper behavior by your husband toward you. >> if she advised me that? >> yes, how did you interpret this email? what advice did she give to you regarding calling the police in respo
that you're not longer using. if that's the case, please let the sheriff know and we can allow a few more people in. if you're still waiting for others, we understand you need to reserve your seats. >> i think we only need a total of five. so if there's still 10 reserved, we can release five. chairperson hur: ok. so i guess you can release five seats. ms. lopez, let me remind you that you are still under oath. do you understand that? >> i understand. chairperson hur: and same for the interpreter, you understand you are still under oath? >> yes, i understand. chairperson hur: mr. keith, you may proceed. >> good evening, ms. lopez. have you communicated with your husband's attorneys, mr. kopp or mr. wagner at any time before tonight? >> i just give him a little back and say hello and i bring a present for him from venezuela because i think they are doing a great job, both of you. i have one for you, too. >> have you had any conversations with them about the events of december 31 or anything that happened after that with regard to the police investigation of that incident? >> no. >> did you
that does not necessarily a hard stop but it will be helpful for us if we can plan and a think i recommendation -- i would recommend that is the expectation of how much time you have with this witness. ok. ms. lopez, before we began, i have a couple questions for you. we have on standby an interpreter, a spanish-language interpreter. would you like to have the services of the interpreter available to you? >> yes. that could be better. >> where is my interpreter? >> if i am confused about something, i can ask for words. >> i recommend we have the interpreter available. if ms. lopez feels she needs the interpreter to a understand the question or provide the answer, an interpreter was available. time. >> [inaudible] >> ok, perfect. thank you. Å the new witness and the interpreter, please? >> if the interpreter would stand and raise your right hand. you solemnly swear that you will transmitffff[$ questions d answers given to those? ms. lopez? raise your right hand. you do solemnly state and a penalty of perjury that the answers will be the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the
was -- no, i did -- at that point i knew she was -- she was using -- i do not remember if at that point i knew she was using our names. when i found that -- maybe i knew at that point that she was using our names. on january 4. that i understood she will never call the police without my consent. so i was trying to be clear on january 4. i do not want to call the police. i want to call a therapist. this is what my emails are about therapy. >> so when you decided to go out and talk to cali williams, at that point in time, did you think ivory madison was out there calling your political enemies -- your husband's consent, or did you think that ivory madison wasn't going to call anybody without your consent? >> you are right. very tupeid. i think we were -- for me saying we are not going to call the police, i'm not going to call the police, that plan doesn't work. so let's go back to the first plan, who was in case ross doesn't want to do therapy with me and finally we end in a vorgs, she will help me with the -- in a divorce, she will help me with the custody. so for that thing she told me, d
asked, to please help us here. >> so ms. lopez, did you tell ms. peralta haynes your lawyer was thinking about calling the police to report the december 31 incident with your husband? >> no. i didn't say that. >> so you never asked her any advice with regard to that possibility of your lawyer calling the police? >> what i told her my lawyer is suggesting, her plan is. her plan is like her advice, i thought that was her advice, no, actually her plan was accuse ross of domestic violence. >> ok. so you told ms. peralta haynes your lawyer was advising you to accuse your husband of domestic violence? >> uh-huh. >> yes? >> yes. >> what was ms. peralta haynes' response to that. >> i think she was asking me questions about if i was afraid of ross, how was the incident. and i told her actually is that what i was looking for is for therapy. and i asked her for a therapist. for counseling. because actually, i think that is the first step that when you go through a problem, you look for a professional that can help you. >> did ms. peralta haynes say anything to you about what she thought of your law
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)